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Elegant Grunge

Celebrated Black Friday by dressing up, since I didn’t have any money to spend!

I deliberately wore my KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! shirt for the masses

Used a sheer black ribbon as a bracelet/cuff. 🙂

The outfit was deemed “very cute!”, very  “juicy couture girl”.  And I felt happy wearing it!


Recent shoot in which I explore stilettos and going barefoot. I like both shoots.




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Hello again, everyone! It’s been forever since I posted!

A LOT has happened in the interim. I have moved into my first apartment and have decided to pursue modeling as a career. I had a photoshoot recently, by the amazing Robert Reed, a fellow fencer and friend. The shoot can be found here:

I also had the opportunity to walk in the 2011 Kim Dawson Model Search in Dallas, which was super fun. I enjoyed every minute of the runway, which helped make up for the three hours of standing in line in super high heels. Today they close the contest. Hoping to hear something back from them. If not right away, then perhaps in the future.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Have a great weekend!

P.S. OH YEAH! I cut my hair! See the pics. And now I’m growing it back out. I LOVE the way it feels, but it’s not quite as versatile as I need it to be for modeling. So back to long hair we go.

While the smoking suit dries completely, I got pictures of the dress from the 80’s. Made me think “Career Woman”.



So I did go get photos of the jumpsuit. It’s really ugly in its Before state.

Yeah, it's really ugly. And my room is a mess.

Still, a necessary photo before the transformation. I already did it up with pins in a trial run of what I was envisioning and I like it very much. Can’t wait to sew it up and get good photos of it when it’s done. It is currently in the laundry, where I’m hoping to remove all traces of Caritas and cigarette smoke. YUCK. 😛 I think that’s actually what it is: an old smoking suit. Well, if nothing else, I’ll finish the Revamp and then donate it right back.
P.S. Don’t you just think “Ringmaster” when you look at this? LOL

New RevampThat! project! Woot, woot!

I was dropping stuff off at Caritas this morning and went through the women’s dresses while I was in there. Inspired by several other blogs like-

-I kept an open mind as I shopped. I found a dress from the 80’s, complete with big shoulder pads and bright colors. Picked it up to try on. Picked up several other things as well. Pulled out a red and gold Indian looking printed blouse with black skirt, only to find- it was NOT A SKIRT, it was a jumpsuit.

“Ew,” I thought. Still, it was somewhat amusing. I hung it back up.

As I finished the rest of the rack, I realized I was experiencing that can’t-stop-thinking-about-it kind of feeling, so I pulled it out once more and held it out at arm’s length.

“I don’t do jumpsuits,” I thought. I went to hang it back up but missed on my first attempt.

“WELL, I MIGHT AS WELL TRY IT ON!” I said in my mind.

So I tried it on. Honestly it was too short in the legs and sleeves (I’m 6 feet tall), and the deep neckline was problematic because there was no fastener to keep the faux blouse inside. But I knew I could fix all of those problems if I was inventive, so I decided for $5.00 it was worth a try. Then, happily, everything in the store was 50% off, so it only came out to $2.50.

 I bought the jumpsuit and the 80’s dress, which had been considerably overshadowed by the jumpsuit but was still a good addition to my wardrobe.

 And so the Revamp Project is to fix all those little problems with the jumpsuit. I’m sure I’ll throw some Before and After pics up here.


So, I was in one of my favorite stores the other day (Forever 21 *cough*), and I found this cute ballet skirt. Of course, I had “nothing to wear it with”, yet this did not stop me. Sometimes you just find that THING, it doesn’t even have to be clothes, it could be kitchen towels (true story!), and you buy it knowing that you will eventually use it.

So I put it together with gray jeans and a gray t-shirt. I really like pink and gray together. It’s a little bit of grunge to counteract the fluff. Not that I have a problem with fluff!

If you want to talk about fluff. . . Prima Donna, anyone?

And if I was to wear this out, I would probably add this hat:

So, a full two weeks after Easter- the big reveal of the dress! Remember, the dress was inspired several years ago by this LOVELY photo of Barbie:

"Suburban Shopper Barbie"

   Sewing the dress was surprisingly easy, but I had to take it in at the sides and create a narrower hem than the pattern called for. Also, just in case anyone is rushing out to buy that particular pattern- the way they finished off the top of the bodice was very strange. . . I don’t think I’ll use the pattern twice.

But enough about technicalities! Photos!

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The sunhat was a great find at Target. Yes, it was the biggest one I could find. 😉 Considering that the Royal Wedding was just around the corner, I think it was entirely appropriate. The lace shrug was another steal at Forever 21, for less than $20. I love how it gives the dress a vintage feel.
That went so well I feel like sewing something else!

Available at Kohl's. Super cute.

I recently bought this little messenger purse from Kohl’s. I had seen it a couple weeks ago and liked it so much I couldn’t forget about it. Being in the market for a new purse that was “quick and easy” to take to work (see “t-shirt-and-jeans job” in previous post), I decided that there wasn’t any reason to keep shopping.

Yes, okay, it was more than what I wanted to spend. But I do love it and it will see plenty of use! It is significantly smaller than my other purse! It holds a pair of sunglasses, phone, credit card, and keys. That’s about it.

Also, I had one other reason for picking THIS purse: it reminds me of the beautiful sugar cookie from the Great American Sugar Cookies store in the mall. I have loved that cookie ever since I can remember. Every time, the taste is exactly what I remember, and the colors are just so delightful.

Great American Sugar Cookie

See the resemblance?

In case it has escaped your notice, Easter Sunday is coming up fast! 😀 Yay! Easter dresses and chocolate rabbits. I’m a kid at heart.

I’m glad to have already finished my dress a while ago. It’s made these past few weeks enjoyable and not stressful. My younger sibs are also excited to wear their finery. I will enjoy seeing them do their little egg hunt, too. 🙂

I made a change on which shoes I will wear. I chose a wedge that, although a bit of a departure from the original, will wear well with other outfits. Hmmm. . .”Wedge will wear well.” That probably could have been phrased better. Oh well.

I also had time to make a knee length skirt out of that dark blue stripe. I love it. So summery and special. My day job is a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of job; not able to really dress up. So when I run errands, that’s when I get to wear my fun stuff. I still really like skirts and dresses, especially when it starts to get hot.

So I told you about my plans. What are you planning for your Easter outfit?